Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Decade of Vancouver Smiles

This August marks my tenth year of living in Vancouver - it is hard to believe that a decade has gone by since I drove my trusty little Civic across the country on a mostly unplanned adventure! I had been face painting for many years prior to my arrival, but started my own face painting business after having been in Vancouver only a few months. To my great joy, I have built a solid repeat clientele base, painting at many annual corporate BBQ's, community centre events, and birthday parties. It is with delight that I greet enthused smiles year after year, and discover children who have grown 10 inches taller, or have a foot more hair. And mostly, my amazement lies in their memories of remembering what they've had painted in previous years! One particular birthday girl just had her seventh birthday a few weeks ago and I was honoured to be hired again by her father, having painted faces for her second and third birthdays as well. Juliette, I hope you have a wonderful seventh year and I look forward to seeing you and your friends at another birthday party in the future.
Juliette's second birthday
Juliette's third birthday
Juliette's seventh birthday


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  2. I'm the father of this little girl and I'm honored to have you profile her, through the ages.

    She has always looked forward to having you create reflective images.

    For me, it's reflective of my little girl - and although she grows and matures - I miss those younger, innocent days. Maybe cause I too grow older.

    Thank you Allyson.