Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I love Birthday Parties!

I did a very fun Monster themed birthday party for a 3 year old over the weekend. The kids were fantastic and loved being their characters, some of which included a butterfly, The Hulk, a few Spidermen, Batman and a Rainbow Glitter Girl... So what if they didn't all want to be Monsters?! It is such a treat to see that initial look on their face when they see what they have "become" in the mirror!

The Mom who hired me wrote me this beautiful message the next day:

Thank you so much for coming to Liams birthday party! Your face painting talents were more amazing than I had expected! And not only that, but your patient, warm and nurturing personality kept the kids engaged and comfortable.

I have kept your business card in hopes of having you visit future birthday parties! I also handed out your card to each parent because they were ALL interested in having you at their parties as well.

I cannot thank you enough. You made Liam's bday party a success!