Thursday, November 26, 2015

Welcoming our Newest Artist!

We are excited to announce our newest artist to the team here at Gossamer Designs.  We now have four professional face painters to help create those big smiles at your next corporate or private event. Here's a little bit about the addition to our face painting family!

Desiree is a visual artist who works primarily in painting and print making. In the Spring of 2016, she will be a graduate of the UBC Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Visual Arts and is eager to be creating and showing her art in the professional world.

Desiree has over ten years of experience working with children in both educational and care giving capacities. She is delighted to share art making with children and adults alike and finds joy in making people smile through her artistic creations. Desiree is excited to be a part of the Gossamer Designs team!
Welcome, Desiree!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Headshot Makeup for Actors

Hi All,

Many of you may not know that my professional life sways back and forth between Gossamer Designs and the world of acting, both on stage and on camera. I like to keep my creative outlets in motion!

A decade ago, I worked with MAC Cosmetics, where I gained many freelance makeup opportunities, especially in bridal makeup. I love helping women feel beautiful and confident! 

Lauren Dutchak
Makeup by Allyson Grant
With my connection in both acting and makeup artistry, I often get asked about makeup for actors headshots. From what I've studied and observed, great headshot makeup is clean and natural-looking (usually) so that people can see your features and colouring with few manipulations. If your signature everyday look is a sultry, smoky eye but you have been auditioning for a lot of no-nonsense, straight-edged cops and detectives for the past year, consider getting some shots done with a barely-there eye makeup.

Your headshot look should do two things for you: represent what you will look like when you walk into a casting room and mildly resemble the types of roles you are going out for.

Claire Garner
Isaac Haig Photography
Makeup by Allyson Grant
Definitely hire a makeup artist for your headshot session but just as importantly, don't have them glam you up too much - no matter how beautiful the look is - if you aren't going in to that casting room all dolled up most of the time! I have met several actors who loved their makeup at their headshot session but feel too "prettified" in their picture compared to what they look like in auditions.

I have recently collaborated with Isaac Haig Photography and have plans for a few more project in the coming months. With over a decade of experience both in front of the camera and handling the makeup brushes, I am excited to be focusing on more headshot-specific makeup artistry again.

For inquiries about headshot makeup or recommendations for headshot photographers in Vancouver, contact me at